Empowerment occurs when employees are adequately trained, provided with all relevant information & the best possible tools, fully involved in key decision & are fairly rewarded for result. Empowerment is a key building block of progressive management by those who view power an unlimited resource. The more power you give away (to lower level), the more you have in terms of productivity & performance. This can be a difficult concept to grasp for traditional authoritarian managers who see empowerment as a threat to their authority. Today, the issue is not empowerment verses no empowerment. Rather the issue is how empowerment should take place.

The famous exp. Of empowerment a total Quality Management (TQM) which is employee driven for ensuring best possible quality products & services for satisfaction of customers. TQM empowers employees at all levels in order to tap their full creativity, motivation & commitment. The other practices which encourage teamwork & employer involvement include suggestion system, quality circles, self managed team, participative leadership etc

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