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Health of Workers in Factories

See- 11 to 20 of Factories Act 1948 contain provision regarding creation provision regarding creation of Healthy working conditions for Workers:-

1) Cleanliness (Sec11):- Every factory should be kept clean & free from drain, nuisance, dust. It should be suitably cleaned & repainted.

2) Disposal of wastes & Effluents (Sec 12):- Proper provision should be made for disposal of waste due to manufacturing process.

3) Ventilation & Temperature (Sec 13):- There should be adequate ventilation by circulation of fresh air & such a temperature as will secure to workers there in resonable conditions of comfort & prevent injury to health.

4) Dust and fume(Sec 14) :- Effective measure must be taken to prevent dust or fume or other impurity which are injurious to workers. Exhaust appliance are necessary for this purpose.

5) Artificial Humidification (Sec 15):- In respect of all factories in which humidity of air is artificially increased, the state government may prescribed standards of humidification, regulate methods used for artificially increasing humidity of air.

6) Over crowding (Sec 19):- No room in any factory should be overcrowded & at least 350 cubic feet of space for every worker should be provided.

7) Lighting (Sec 17) :- In every part of factory there should be proper lighting natural or artificial or both. Glazed windows & skylights should be used for lightings.

8) Drinking Water (Sec 18):- In every factory, effective arrangements should be made to provide & maintain suitable points conveniently situated for all workers employed there in.

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