Elements of Advertising/marketing Communication

You will now be made to understand the various elements in the communication process.

Advertiser: It could be an individual or an organization that wants to communicate to the target audience. It could be about the communication about its products/services.

Advertisement: It is meant for information. It goes on to make the target audience be favorably inclined towards its products. It may ask people to act on the message. Both rational and emotional appeals could be used to do so.

Media: The channels of communication are the media. They convey the ad message to the target audience. Newspapers, magazines, TV, etc are the common or few of the media tools used. The media have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Target audience: The readers of the print media, or the listeners of radio or the viewers of TV make the audience. The product could be for the mass audience or for a targeted audience. Audience could be both users and nonusers of the product.

Now let us come down to certain models that primarily have their roots within the context of advertising. The basic principle you must understand relates to communication principle itself.

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