E-Commerce Vs E-Business

  • E-Commerce is the buying and selling over digital media

    • The transactions, processes and systems that support the act of doing business through electronic networks.

  • E-business in addition to encompassing e-commerce includes both front and back-office applications that form the engine for modern business. It is not just about e-commerce transactions; it is about redefining old business models, with the aid of technology, to maximize customer value.

  • e-Business is the overall strategy and e-commerce is an extremely important facet of e-business.

  • CEOs in different organizations are investigating new strategic initiatives to deliver results and many are looking at using technology to transform the business model – in other words, harnessing the power of e-business.

  • In technical terms, e-Business has been around for a long time. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was the mother of today’s e-Business. Organizations that had a large, valuable need to communicate together created business networks and specialized applications to do business together.