Drawing Conclusion as a Form of Advertising Message

The question often raised is whether definite conclusions should be drawn for the audience in the ad for quick understanding or should they be left to them. In many instances, it is best to let the receivers of the promotion message draw their own conclusions. Such consumers feel that the message which draws a conclusion is over-aggressive and an attempt at forcefully influencing their choice.


Moreover, since conclusion drawing at best assists in an easy comprehension of facts and not in the process of attitudinal change, it will not affect very much the persuasive quality of ads that aim at a change in attitude. When the issuer involved is simple and the audience. It does not add anything extra to the persuasive quality of the advertisement. Moreover, if the communicator is perceived to be unworthy, the receiver may resent the attempt on his part to draw a conclusion for him and influence his choice.

When the issue is highly personal, the audience may resent the communicator’s interference in drawing a conclusion. A typical example of this is the recent ad campaign sponsored by the Poultry Farm Association in Gujarat, promoting the use of eggs among vegetarians. Eggs from the poultry farms were given a new name the “Veggs” and recommended for consumption in that segment of society which is fully vegetarian. Since this touches a highly personal issue concerning religious attitudes, the ad was resented, and much criticism was published against it in the Reader’s Opinion column in popular dailies. Thus, even though promoters sought the sale of the product in a new segment by drawing specific conclusions, these were not accepted, but rather resented. However, conclusion drawing is favored where the product is a complex or specialized one.

The Farex baby food ad, starting with a sensational headline: “ Your baby is born with a 3- month gift of iron. After 3 months, milk alone cannot give him the iron he needs.” The ad closes with the conclusion: “Doctors recommend Farex. Baby’s ideal solid food for rapid all- round growth.” A long body copy goes on to explain that Farex is ideal baby solid food.

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