Discuss the role that conflict plays in affecting organizational commitment.

Organizational conflict plays a vital role in influencing the employees’ behaviors and their working outcomes, and has a major affect on the organizational commitment of the employees in the company.

Intra-individual conflict is one of the conflicts facing employees in an organization, it occurs when an employee faces different and mutually exclusive goals and roles, or is obstructed from achieving a certain need.

There are three factors of the intra-individual conflict:

  • Role conflict; occurs when an individual faces different and somewhat contradictory expectations from different parties.
  • Goal conflict; occurs when an individual faces the choice between mutually exclusive goals, which could be positive or negative or both.
  • Frustration; occurs when the individual is prevented from ding a desired action or achieving a certain goal.

These three factors of intra-individual conflict are negatively related to commitment, the higher the levels of role conflict, goal conflict and frustration, the lower the levels of commitment.