Disadvantage of large-scale production

Large –scale production is not without is disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages are:

Over-worked management: A large-scale producer cannot pay off that you can think of full attention to every detail. costs often raise on account of the employees or waste of material by them. This is due to the lack of supervision. Owing to laxity of control costs of production go up. The management is overworked

Individual tastes ignored: Large-scale production is a mass production or standardized production. Goods of uniform quality are turned out irrespective of the preferences of individual customers. Individual tastes are not therefore, satisfied. This results in a loss of custom.

Personal element: Paid employees generally manage a large-scale business. The owner is usually absent. The sympathy and personal touch, which ought to exit between the master and the men, are missing frequent misunderstandings lead to strikes and lack outs. This is positively harmful to the business.

Possibility of depression: large-scale production may result overhead production. Production may exceed demand and cause depression unemployment. It is not always easy or profitable to dispose of a large output.

Dependence on foreign market: A large-scale producer has generally to depend on foreign markets. The foreign markets may be cut of by war or some other political upheaval this makes the business risky.

Cut throat competition: Large-scale producers must fight for the markets. These are wasteful competition, which does not to society. Many promising businesses are ruined by senses competition. There is also competition and biddings for resorts and inputs.

International complications and war: When the large-scale producer operates on an international scale, their interest clash either on the score of markets or of materials. These complications sometimes lead to armed conflicts. Many a modem war a rose on account of scramble for materials & markets.

Lack of adaptability: A large scale producing units find its very difficult to switch on from one business to another, in a depression small firms are able to move away from declining trades to flourishing ones easily. In this way they are able to avoid losses. This adaptability is lacking in a big business.

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