Different Views on Motivation (Basic Motives of People)

behavioral motivation

Why people behave the way they do is discussed below from different viewpoints.

1. Sociological View

The behavior of people is molded by the social environment. Society determines the values and norms of the behavior of its people. The society dislikes, rejects, or condemns those who do not follow these values and norms.

2. Biological View

The behavior of people depends upon their physical and biological needs. Chemical or nutrient balance affect human behavior. According to this view, people are what they eat.

3. Psychoanalytic View

Sigmund Freud suggested that our motives are determined by our subconscious. According to some other psychologists, people are what they think. The personality build-up is dependent upon their level of thinking.

4. Behaviorist View

This is modern view on motivation. Behaviorists are not concerned with the ‘whys’ of the behavior. The emphasis is on what’s happening. J.B Watson, a behavioral scientist, declares that the human behavior is the result of input through five senses.

In short, management should understand motivation ton decide the action that should be taken. Having the knowledge of the subordinates motivation will facilitate the manager’s right action.

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