Difference between WWW and TFTP

WWW : WWW stands for World Wide Web or Web is A system that has made to access any document on the net , including sound , pictures , video. On the WWW , information is displayed in the form of Web pages . The Web pages can hold :

  1. Formatted text

  2. Pictures

  3. Audio

  4. Video

Web pages also contain Hyperlink. Hyperlink are text or other objects that are linked to other pages.

TFTP : TFTP stands for Trivial File Transfer Protocol , supports the transfer of small Files without user authentication . It transfers 512-byte packets using unacknowledged UDP services . RFC 1350 defines TFTP . The syntax of TFTP is that :

tftp [ -i ] host [ get / put ] source [ destination ]-i

This option is used to transfer the file in Binary mode , byte-by-byte .

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