Difference between policy and procedure



  • Policy provides guidance for managerial thinking as well as action.

  • Policy is more flexible because it prescribes the areas of discretion to managers.

  • Policy is more pronounced at higher levels.

  • Provides guidelines to action by prescribing how an action can be performed step by step.

  • Less flexible because it prescribes the exact sequence of the activities without scope of any variation.

  • Procedures are more prevalent at lower levels.

An article regarding “The clinical response to brain death: A policy proposal is written by Burck R et al, which suggests that a universal policy should be adopted whereby all institutions develop the same guidelines concerning when and how treatment should be withdrawn on their brain dead patients. Such policy guidelines may not extinguish the misconceptions, misunderstandings and discomforts that are present with a diagnosis of brain death, but it would certainly allow for more consistent actions on the part of the caregivers.

An article regarding “Advanced practice nursing: Leadership to effect policy change” is written by Mc Lennan, which says by using Lomas framework for connecting research and policy to guide strategic planning, an APN programme was successfully implemented in a traditional medically oriented oncology centre with collaborative relationships established with two faculties of nursing. Focusing on the organizational culture, stakeholder values and beliefs were essential ingredients to facilitate change.

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