Determining Target Audience

Let us say that I want to market a brand of jeans. The price of the jeans is Rs. 1000/ and I would like college-going people to wear that jeans. In addition I see a person to be confident and know what he / she wants out of life. Tell me can I look at you to be my target audience? Of course I can. So does that mean you are to be my target audience for the pair of jean?

You must understand that we are not merely manufacturing and selling, rather, we are manufacturing what the needs of the people are about. For every product there is a specific people, which are to be kept in mind while marketing the product.

In order to tailor your marketing and advertising strategies to appeal to the tastes and interests of your market, you must first identify your customer. In order to do this, you it is necessary to conduct thorough research of the consumer marketplace.

Keep in mind; the more information you have about your target market, the better able you will be to develop a successful marketing plan.

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