Describe the rights and Duties of an Auditor in brief


Rights and duties go together. Whatever is demanded by someone as ‘Rights’ is considered justified on the basis of ‘Duties’ he performs. Similar is the case with Auditor.

The duties he perform make him eligible for certain rights. Following is the description of the said ‘Rights’ and ‘Duties’:

Rights of an Auditor:

1. Right of Access to the Books: Every auditor as a right of access to the books, accounts and vouchers of the company and has the power to obtain from the Directors and other executives of the company.

2. Rights to Demand information: Auditor has been give the rights to demand any information from the officers of the company.

3. Rights to Attend General Meetings: He is entitled to receive notice of an attend to any general meeting of the Company on which any accounts which has examined of respond upon by him to be laid before the shareholders.

Duties of an Auditor:

1. An auditor is required to certify the stating reports of a Public Limited Company. He also the receipts and payments made by the Company.

2. The auditor will report on the prospectus issued by an existing company regarding the profits and losses and assets and liabilities of the Company and rates of dividends paid by the Company.

3. In case of members’ voluntarily winding up, auditor is required to certify the ‘Directors declaration’ about the solvency of the Company.

4. It is the duty of an Auditor to help Inspectors to his best, while they are investigating the affairs of the company.

5. An auditor shall also be required to give all to the Government all reasonable assistance in connecting with the prosecution of Directors or the officers of the company.

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