Defining Advertising Objective: Define the Brand Image

Step V: Define the Brand Image: What will be the brand’s ‘Personality?’ i.e. What character or association does it evoke?

After you have answered the above questions it is then that we are moving ahead where the setting of objectives are concerned. The important thing to understand about setting advertising objectives is that most advertisers do not set sensible ones. But then these same advertisers are not sure if their advertising is paying off either. If you ask them how their campaign is going, you get answers like, “All of our people like it very much” or “It’s a bit early to tell, but we think it’s going to be very successful”.

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The truth is that if you are spending Rs 10 lakhs or Rs 10 crores, you ought to be able to tell with a much greater degree of accuracy what it is doing for you, or you shouldn’t be spending it. To do this, you need parameters that can be measured, such as increasing advertising objectives with specific goals, share of mind or brand awareness.

Advertising campaigns are in one sense like military campaigns. In a military campaign, you set an objective like “Capture the Kargil back” or “March through McMohan Line”. Then you know when the campaign is over and whether you have won or lost. Successful advertising campaigns have the same kind of criteria. They start with objectives, so you can tell how the campaign is going and whether you are winning or losing. So, perfect campaigns insist on an attainable objective as a prerequisite.

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