Data Protection Act (1988)

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Data Protection Act (1988)

The data protection act was passed to deal with privacy issues arising from personal information about people kept on a computer, as distinct from manual files.

The act gives rights to individuals and puts responsibilities on those who keep personal information on computers.

Key terms:

Data – information in a form in which it can be processed

Data subject – a person who is the subject of personal data, e.g. employee

Data controller – a person/firm that controls the content & use of personal data, e.g. a firm/company

Data processor – person/firm that processes personal data on behalf of a data controller, e.g. a computer bureau

Data commissioner – appointed by the act to oversee the Act and to maintain a register of all data controllers

Enforcement of the Act

The data protection act established the data protection commissioner. His/her role is to ensure that those who keep personal information on computer comply with the provisions of the act.

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