Copywriters – The creative team behind Successful Advertisements

Coca Cola, 11.5 oz.“Thanda matlab Coca Cola,” resounds in the background even after Aamir Khan ropes out a bottle of Coke for the three city gals who come to him asking for “Thanda”. But who are the people behind such creative ir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B0000GIZRYadvertisements and how are they made? Who directs these ads and writes dialogues for them? If these questions plague your mind, then here’s some information that will help you understand this creative field better.

The people behind such ads are called copywriters, who belong to the creative department of advertising agencies. Knowledge of the different departments of an advertising agency will be helpful in understanding the nature of work of a copywriter. An advertising agency is divided into the following departments: Creative, Client Servicing, Account Planning, Media Planning, Direct Marketing and PR. The copywriters belong to the creative department of an agency.

Writers work on the conceptualization of ideas for different brands. This process begins with the client sending in his/her requirements (called a ‘brief’ in ad terminology) stating if it is for the print medium or television or radio. Product specifications that are necessary for making the ad and a profile of the target audience is also sent along with it other than the deadline for submission. The ads are normally made for the launch of a product/ store, reminder of an existing product in a new way to the target audience; pack promos, product promotions etc. A writer’s role begins at this stage, where he thinks of ways and means to communicate this message to the target audience, who are the consumers of the product. Thereafter, it completely depends on the ability of the writer to ideate and visualize his thoughts and express it on paper.

Copywriters have to work in tandem with several people in an agency to get an ad released. Firstly the writer presents the ideas to the client to get the idea approved in order to begin the process of making the ad. Secondly he works with the art director if it is a press ad. Together they decide the images and visuals and the font and typography for the copy text of the ad. In the case of a TV commercial, the writer calls the shots in directing the ad. This involves choosing the location and sets of the ad, working with photographers and renowned directors, actors/ actresses and models. The making of a TV commercial involves huge ad expenditures for the client. Writers work together with directors and producers on the ad budget.

Copywriting provides an array of opportunities in the field of media. One can even switch to filmmaking from writing copies for ads.

In case of radio advertisements, writers make scripts for the ad, choose the voice of the person for the ad, and work with the recording people in the studio on the sound effects and final radio spot. This involves a lot of editing until the final spot is ready for release on air.

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