Components of the marketing audit

The marketing audit examines six major components of the company’s marketing situation:-

  1. marketing environment audit:- this audit analyzes major microenvironment n forces and trends in the key components of the company’s task environment marketing customers, competitors, distributors and facilitators

  2. marketing strategy audit :- this audit reviews the company’s marketing objectives and marketing strategy to appraise how well these are adapted to the current and forecasted marketing environment.

  3. marketing organization audit:- this audit evaluates the capabilities of the marketing organization for implementing the necessary strategy for the forecasted environment.

  4. marketing systems audit :- this audit assesses the quality of the company systems for analysis, planning and control

  5. marketing productivity audit :- this audit examines the profitability of different marketing and the cost effectiveness of different marketing expenditures.

  6. marketing functions audit :- these audits make in depths evaluation of major marketing mix components namely products price, distribution , sales-force , advertising , promotion and publicity.

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