Communication interactions between researchers and respondent are either personal ,impersonal or mixed in nature .Each of these will be briefly defined as under:

PERSONAL MODE: this mode typically involves a one on one relationship between interviewer and interviewee. The interviewer uses wither and interview schedule or an interview guide. An interview guide is a list of topic questions or areas which the interviewer uses merely as a prompter during the interview .These responses may be recorded in writing by tape recorder or in some other way.

IMPERSONAL MODE: in this communication mode the researcher typically depends upon a printed instrument to carry the two way communication task. The impersonal mode of questioning makes it possible to use mail or group administered surveys.

MIXED MODE: While we think of personal and impersonal approaches as alternative methods there is no reason why they cannot be combined. E.g might be where prior telephone appointments or screenings are made for alter personal interviews. There is some questions to whether prior telephoning improves or decreases the chances of securing and interview there is evidence for both sides of this argument . Telephone screening to qualify respondents has been very effective.

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