1. Scientific Method: Effective marketing research was the principles of scientific method: careful observation, formulation of hypothesis, prediction and testing.

  1. Research Creativity: At its best, marketing research develops in various ways to solve a problem.

  1. Multiple Methods: Competent marketing researches shy away from over reliance on any one method, preferring to adopt the method to the problem rather than the other way around. They also recognize the desirability of gathering information from multiple to give greater confidence.

  1. Independence of models and Data: Competent marketing researches recognize that the facts derive their meaning from models of the problem. These models guide the type of information sought and therefore should be made as explicit as possible.

  1. Value and cost of information: Competent marketing researches show concern for measuring the value of information against its cost. Value / cost helps the marketing research department which research project to conduct, which research to use etc.