Characteristics affecting consumer behavior


The set of basic values, perceptions, wants, and behavior learned by a member of society from family and other important institution.


A group of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situation.

Social classes

Relatively permanent and ordered divisions in the society whose members share similar values, interest and behaviors.

Reference group

Two or more people who interact to accomplish individual or mutual goals.

Family buying decision: Depending on the production and situation, individual family members exert different amount of influence.

Role of status: A person belongs to many groups-families, clubs, organization. The person position in each group can be defined in terms of both role and status.

Age and life cycle stage: People change the goods and services they buy over their life times.

Occupation: A person’s occupation affects the goods and services bought.

Economics situation: A person’s economic situation will affect product choice.

Life style: People coming from the same subculture, social class, and occupation may here quite different lifestyle. Life style is the person’s pattern of living as expressed in his or her psycho graphics.

Personality and self-concepts: A person’s distinguishing psychological characteristics that lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses to his or her own environmental.

Motivation: Motivators researchers collect in depth information from small samples of consumers to uncover the deeper motives for their product choice.

Perception: The process by which people select, organize, interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world.

Learning: Changes in individual behavior arising from experience.

Belief: A descriptive thought that a person holds about something.

Attitude: A person consistently favorable or unfavorable evaluations, feelings and tendencies toward an object or idea.

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