Behavioral Segmentation

In behavioral segmentation, buyers are divided into groups on the basis of benefits sought from the product, user-status, usage-rate, loyalty-status, attitude and readiness to use state. Within this let us understand the study of Attitudes.
Attitudes and Benefits
Attitudes, preferences, and many related psychological constructs such as motivations, perceptions, beliefs, product benefits, and so on, can also be used to segment markets through the second empirical segmentation approach. Consumers differ in the “need” for which they buy the same product, so the fact that buyers will tend to place different degrees of importance on the benefits obtained from that type of product leads logically to the fact that they represent different segments.
The idea of segmenting on the basis of important attributes has been termed benefit segmentation by Russell Haley. For example, lowest price, durability, use on special occasions. In the case of toothpaste we could use elements like flavor, price, product appearance, brightness of teeth and decay prevention.
Considering the different advertising approaches that will be appropriate for each segment sees the value of benefit segmentation for advertising. The following chart will give you a good understanding of the subject matter.
Whether it is demographic study or behavioural and psychographic analysis, we must learn to integrate in order to understand our buyer all the more clearly.
Benefit Sought
Demographic Characterisitc
Behavioural Characteristic
Psychographic Characteristic
Favoured Brand
Low Price
Heavy Users
Price-Conscious, Independent
Decay Prevention
Big Families
Heavy Users
Traditional, Health-Conscious
Brightness of teeth
Teenagers, Youngsters
Outgoing, Fun-loving, Active
Colgate Promise
Good Flavour
Mint lovers
Teenagers, Youngsters
Want intimacy and togetherness
Close-up gel
Gentler toothpaste
Children between 2 ½  years to 7 ½ years
Loves to taste
Fun Dependent on mother for good habits
Just for Kids
Fresh breath
Brighter teeth
Multiple benefits
Value for Money

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