Approaches to Management Analysis

The managerial roles approach. Professor Mintzberg of McGill University observed what managers actually do to determine what managerial activities (or roles) are.

MCKINSEY’S 7-S Approach. The seven S’s are: Strategy, structure, system, style, staff, shared value and skills (of the firm)


Motives are the factors that energize and guide the human beings to achieve the specific goals.

There are five basic needs as shown below:-

  1. Physiological needs.

  2. Safety and security needs.

  3. Love and belonging needs.

  4. Self esteem needs.

  5. Self actualization.

1.Physiological needs.

The first step is self-actualization is the satisfaction of the basic physiology needs of food, air, shelter, and so on. If you were lost on a deserted island, you would be more concerned with finding food shelter and cloth air etc. Maslow said the physical needs are first.

2.Safety and security needs.

In some societies, the human needs for safety and security is never satisfied. People may live under continual treat by political, geographical, or weather factors. Generally people tried to migration form one place to another place because there is some satisfaction. An other example we take the earth quack in Pakistan lots of people live top of the mountain or northern side etc. when the earth quack came after earth quack create lots of problem like rain, snow falls etc also the shelter problems. The they have to decide to migrate to other places.

3.Love and belonging needs.

Human are social animals, they want to be loved and needed by others.for the example we take they are satisfied about their need like food, shelter, air , and clothe then to create the love and belonging to other because with out belonging to others or love you are alone in the society.

4.Self-esteem needs.

In our society there are many activities and products that promise to give self-esteem but are unable to make good on the promise. We know that the right deodorant and the right car will not make us right. We want to more and more satisfaction like advertiser to advertise in the newspaper or in television the new product if we have buying power then we should be able to satisfied.


We sometimes speak of some acquaintance as being a “fulfilled” Person—-one who has a specific goal and seems happily busy getting it. Achieving the top rung of mallow’s ladder is a matter of developing the inner nature or the potential we each have within us. Those who attention self actualization.

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