Applying the Perceptual Maps in New Product Development

There are three major ways perceptual maps are used in marketing:
1.       to obtain a better understanding of current positioning and market structure
          maps might be useful in finding “holes” in the marketplace where niches could be developed
          maps might also indicate vulnerabilities of competitors
2.       to test where a new product being considered for introduction would be perceived
3.       to provide direction to R&D efforts to satisfy the wants of consumers better
          include respondents “ideal” in the set of things to be rated during the data collection phase in order to incorporate those ideals into the product

Limitations of Perceptual Maps:
1.       Presents a static view (i.e. a snapshot of consumer perceptions)
2.       While maps help a firm determine what it would like to do, it provides no indication of the cost or likelihood of achieving the desired positioning.

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