Advertising: Deciding on the media

The steps involve in deciding on the media are desired reach, frequency and impact; choosing among major media types; selecting specific media vehicles .

Deciding on reach, frequency and impact:-

Media selection is the problem of finding the most effective media to deliver the desired number of exposures to the target audience. The effect of exposures on audience awareness depends on exposure’s reach, frequency and impact.

Reach(R) The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media schedule at least once during a specified time period.

Frequency (F) The number of times within a specified time period then an average person or household is exposed to the message.

Impact (I) The qualitative value of an exposure through a given medium.

Reach is more important when launching new products or flanker brands, or going after an undefined target market. Frequency is more important where there are strong competitors, high consumer resistance or a frequent purchase cycle.

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