Advertising Brief to the Creative

As a matter of fact, the client has to brief the agency about the strategy. However, most of the time this does not happen. The agency is supposed to brief itself. The strategy formulated is communicated to the creative people. They are briefed about how to create the advertising the product needs. The strategy should be communicated with clarity. The strategist should be a good motivator for the creative team.

Proper briefing is going halfway as far as creativity is concerned. Bad brief to the creative team results into bad work. Good brief ensures good work.

Within the creative team, the copywriter and visualiser work together and it is difficult to attribute the final product to either of them. Yes, when they are working, there are sparks of creativity. Please appreciate that briefing completes half the job. Creative campaigns are creative due to a good brief.
Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective

It is critically very important to question the brief. Very often, a brief is a set of clichés. We have to get the ir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=027371726Xreal situation. Creative brief of strategy contains a key consumer insight. If the brief acquaints you with the consumer, and how his mind works, it has the seeds of creativity in it. It gives stimulus to creative team.
Success or failure of the advertisement is largely dictated by the brief.

It is the job of a client to tell the agency what he wants to say and it is the agency’s job to decide how to say it.

Great briefs inspire great work. Briefs should have clarity and single-minded objective. They should aim at a target person. The idea is to have the desired response. All briefs must suggest a benefit or a product plus.

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