Advantages benefits of Planning

  1. Provide a sense of direction.

Without planning manager would fail to make proper decisions , and hance there would be chaos ,not activity in the organisation. Planing desired decision making and efforts on guided path leading to the desired destination.

  1. Offsets (balance ) future uncertainty and change.

Uncertainty and risk are inevitably associated with business and its operations. Through planing cannot eliminate these two element plans of nature and risk because they provide a better understanding of likely future events.

  1. Focuses attention on objective and results.

Organisation exists because people have common objective. Managers are charge of organisation for the purpose of attaining results .if attention are not focused on objective and results.

  1. Causes efficient operations.

Planing make things occur ,improves the competitive strength of the organisation, guides proper utilisation channels for resources and facilities integrates resources and efforts, aligns internal and external environment

  1. Provides the basis for decentralization

Decentralisation of authority signifies dispersal of decision making power to the lowest level in the organisation .Well-designed plans serve as guides to subordinates and reduce the risk involved in delegation of authority.

  1. Guides Rational decision making

Decisions are primarily future oriented .plans cover to the future activities without plans there is no sound basis for making future oriented decision

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