8 Essential PR Tools

  1. Presentations: PR is all about ‘connecting people’; so the more divergent your thinking is the better are your chances of developing a mark for your campaign or organization.
  2. Press Conferences: As a general rule, never hold a press conference if a press release or a few telephone calls will serve your purpose.
  3. Public Appearances: It’s just a matter of having someone present to show that your company is concerned with what is going on in the region.
  4. Speeches: Take the proactive route and volunteer to speak!
  5. Advertisements or PSAs: Ads like these, known as public service announcements (PSAs), are not made with the goal of increasing sales, although the goodwill they create can contribute to sales in a roundabout way.
  6. Special Events: These events often receives large amounts of media coverage, especially if there is a politician or local celebrity (i.e., Miss Cornhusk) appearance.
  7. Press Kits: EPKs (or Electronic Press Kits) might also contain videotapes of relevant information (i.e., commercials, news spots, etc.).
  8. Press Releases: But be careful: no matter how big or newsworthy the subject of your press release is, poor writing can scare off the media faster than Kato Kaelin and Linda Tripp’s new talk show.