7 Qualities of Direct Mailers

  1. In terms of overall looks, they must look the best in the category.
  2. Writing is very important, and writing letters in not easy. Copywriters in direct marketing should write passionately and then edit carefully.
  3. Secretaries should not throw out high impact DM. It is interesting innovative. It puts across a message in a cutthroat way.
  4. It also reinforces the company’s brand image. Our advertising, letterheads, DM, and business cards must project a consistent image.
  5. Customers often complain that when they open a DM package, lot of stuff falls out. This is great news because the fallen stuff is picked up an is invariably looked at.
  6. For certain products, a mere brochure will not build a relationship. We have to send a personalized letter.
  7. Provide a good response device. The order form must be carefully designed – it is so very difficult to do so. Even a child should be able to fill it. It should not turn off the consumers.

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