7 lessons for the Copywriter

Anything that is relevant and readable is read – whether short or long.

Body-copy needs as much attention as the headline.

Words in the copy need crafting like a diamond so that they sparkle. Perhaps this means writing and re-writing a number of times. While doing so, we must remember that spontaneity is at stake.

The litmus test is to sleep over the copy overnight, and see whether the same copy is worth retaining.

Long Vs. Short Copy

Copies are addressed to a right target audience.

Most good copies are designed as if they were meant for a single prospect.

Write to the Point

Who likes a lingering copy? It is not advisable to beat around the bush.

We have to get to the point.

Copy Style

Copywriting is a versatile art. A copy can be written in the style of a personal talk, a story or a novel.

In fact, asking an aspiring copywriter to convert a photograph using different copy styles is a good test.

Ego to be sidelined

A great campaign, which is not our creation, should not be killed for that reason.

A campaign should be consistent with the brand personality.

Personal Presentation

A copywriter has to go and sell his work to the client rather than relying on anyone else.

Be Proud of the Ad
Any creation of yours deserves your best. 

Red Smith expects a copywriter to sit at the typewriter till little drops of blood appear on his forehead.

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