15 Different types of Copy-writing Styles

  1. Scientific copy (Technical specifications are specified. E.g. High involvement goods or durable goods or industrial goods.)
  2. Descriptive copy: In a non-technical manner, the product attributes are described. The copy uses direct active sentences. There are short and pithy sentences. It looks very commonplace announcement.
  3. Narrative copy: Here a fictional story is narrated. The benefits of the product emerge from the story. Maybe, the narrative is humorous. Or else, it has strong appeal. It should make an imprint on our memory.
  4. Colloquial copy: Here informal conversational language is used to convey the message. It could even become a dialogue. In many TV advertisements, we find the colloquial copy.
  5. Humorous copy: Humor has been heavily used in advertising-especially in TV commercials. It is just as heavily suspect. But effective humor makes the advertisement noticeable.
  6. Topical copy comes about when a copy is integrated to a recent happening or event. Especially during the world cup days, you had ads like – ‘Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao’.
  7. Endorsement copy here a product is endorsed by an opinion leader who has a large following. I shall be discussing this at length in a later lecture.
  8. Questioning Copy: In this copy, several questions are put forward not to seek answers but to emphasize a certain attribute.
  9. Prestige Copy The product is not directly advertised. Only a distinguished and favorable atmosphere is created for the sale of the product. The copy is  used to build an image.
  10. “Reason Why” Copy It is known as an explanatory copy where the reasons for a purchase are explained. Each reason illustrates a particular attribute, and its benefit to the consumer. One attribute may be chosen and repeated for several times, each time an occasion is given to justify it.
  11. Epson+Advertisement+Wordless+Advertisements

  12. Wordless Advertisements There are at times billboards with only an inscription like Amul. Otherwise they are totally wordless. Wordless advertising is an example of non-verbal communication (NVC) and are pictorially.
  13. Comparative copy here two brands are compared either in good light or in a way to belittle the other. The cola war can be an excellent example of this type.
  14. Advertorial is a newspaper or magazine feature that appears to be edited but is really an ad.
  15. Intentional copy comes about when advertisers copy elements from rival creatives in the same product category in order to create dissonance with a view to secure competitive foothold, e.g. Liril Vs Cinthol ads both emphasizing lime freshness.
  16. Disruptive copy comes about when there is a disruption in the way of thinking or conventional thinking.

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