10 Qualities of a Manager

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The manager is a leader by virtue of his personal traits, authority, and expertise. He will fail to influence his subordinates if he does not have the following qualities/traits.

1. Knowledge of business / expertise

The knowledge of his field makes a person manager who by which virtues his subordinates. He should have knowledge about his job, department, company, market, industry and competition in addition to international affairs. The quality enables to make decisions.

2. Drive

Drive refers to dynamism, energy, ambition, desire to grow, and perseverance. A manager without this characteristics cannot be successful.

3. Integrity

It includes honesty, credibility, protection of firm’s assets, fairness in all kinds of dealings towards employees, superiors, the government and customers. The manager having integrity, easily wins the trust of others making his jobs easy.

4. Self-Confidence

In difficult situations the manager should not lose heart. Perseverance, emotional stability, self control infuse him with confidence leading him to cross all hurdles on the way. Self-confidence leads to emotional stability, an important and required quality of the manager.

5. Organization

It refers to the manager’s orderly state of mind and ability to think logically. Maturity and ability to analyze situation also fall in this quality. He is able to get to the point quickly.

6. Intelligence

The manager should have the ability to learn and understand from experience. He should be able to acquire knowledge and respond duty to new or uncommon situations. He uses the faculty of reason in handling problematic situation’s and directing accordingly. As psychologists suggest, a person’s intelligence is the measured success in using knowledge, faculty of reason, and experience in performing his duties and decision making, Intelligence also shows keenness, cleverness, shrewdness, wisdom, alertness, and calculatedeness.

7. Health

Good health makes a person energetic, hardworking, dynamic and efficient. A healthy manager can focus his all attention towards his and organizational goals.

8. Appearance and Manager

The manager’s stature. grooming, dress, neatness, poise, courtesy, tact, and diplomacy make him successful and efficient.

9. Communication Skills

Managers cannot be successful until they can express themselves well. Communication skills, voice and expression make them prominent and efficient. They should have be good both a writing and speaking with clarity, syntax, diction, and accentuation.

10. Sense of Humor

Modern management scientists give heavy weight to the sense of humor of managers. This quality makes them popular, averts monotony of the work, freshens up the listeners, revitalizes working atmosphere, and stimulates and cheers up the workers. Humor can make the manager convincing to the others. It should only be used at right time.

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