Marketing Management

Marketing management is the art and science of choosing target market and building profitable relationship with them this involves getting keeping, and growing customers through creating delivery and communicating superior customers, value marketing management is customer management and demand management. There are four compacting marketing orientating of marketing management.

  1. The product concept.

  2. The selling concept.

  3. The marketing concept.

  4. The societal concept.

The product Concept:-

The product concept holds the consumer’s favors products that are available and highly affordable. The product concept holds that consumers favor product that offers the most in quality performance and innovative futures.

The selling concept:-

The selling concept holds that consumers. Will not by enough of the organizations sell and promoting afford?

The marketing concept:-

The marketing concept that achieving organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of to much target markets and delivery the desire satisfaction more effectively and efficiently in the competition environment.

The societal concept:-

Holds that generating customer satisfaction and long rum societal and well being are the keys to both achieving the companies’ goals and fulfilling its responsibilities.


Means managing markets to bring profitable exchange relationship by creating value and satisfying need and wants in others wants marketing are process by which individual and groups obtain what they need and want by creating and exchanging product and value with other creating exchange relationship include work like seller research for buyers identify need good marketing offer. Set price for desire them promote then and stored them activities such as product development, research, communicates distributing pricing and services the core marketing activities and finally all there factors are economical, physical, technology, legal, social cultural.

Modern marketing companies are improving their customer’s knowledge and customer communications. They are targeting profitable customers, then innovative way to capture and keep the customers.

They are forming more direct communication and building testing customer’s relationship. Emplacing more on target market media and angering them marketing communication they are delivering full and consisting message every customer contacting in other words to days companies are connecting in new ways to deliver superior value to their customer.