Management Information Systems

Computer and calculator



1. Computer is an electronic device.

1. Calculator is also an electronic device.

2. Computer is versatile.

2. Calculator is not versatile.

3. Processing of computer is very fast.

3. Processing of calculator is not very fast.

4. Computer has a very vast memory.

4. Calculator does not have a vast memory but a limited memory.

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What features of MS-power point make it most suitable for presentation show?

Powerpoint is a full-featured presentation program that is used by many of peoples around the world. Powerpoint is used to design presentations for a variety of mediums including computer based display shows, overhead projection transparencies and 35 mm slides.We can add sound and animations to our slides to achieve a high level of impact.

Powerpoint gives us the ability to prepare paper based presentations and handouts for the presentation.We can package and distribute our presentations with a power point viewer.

So,by all these features it will make power point best suited for a presentation show.

PowerPoint is the component of Microsoft Office that is used to create professional- quality presentations. A presentation is a structured delivery of information. These can be reproduced on transparency, paper, on-screen presentations. PowerPoint components can be used to work on slides, organize presentation contents with outlines, and generate speaker notes and audience handouts. Teachers, professors, politicians, and sales representatives make presentations to sell their concepts.

PowerPoint helps you to structure the ideas and information that you want to convey to your audience. It allows you to create the contents of your presentation by

  1. Typing the text and inserting pictures, sounds and animations.

  2. You can add visual images, supporting documents.

  3. Add audio recordings to enhance your presentation.

  4. PowerPoint makes the creation of any presentation simple by providing you with built – in professional design called AutoLayouts and presentations templates.

  5. You can also create different versions of a presentation for different audiences and build your contents in either a text – based outline view or a design – based slide view.

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Differentiate between Multi-tasking and Multi-processing



1. The concurrent execution of

a number of tasks i.e.. of a

number of jobs or processes.

2. Multi-tasking is also a Parallel processing .

1. A system in which more than

one processor may be active

at any one time .

2. A multi-processing system is

also a multi-programming

system .

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What is MS-Excel?

MS-Excel is a full featured spreadsheet program that is used by the millions of people around the world. Excel 2000 makes use of all of the features that are available to program designed specially to run with 32-bit operating system.Excel uses a number of shared office resources. These shared resources are clip art, spelling check, autocorrect, autotext, etc.

Excel has a worksheet called spreadsheet it consist of number of rows and columns for performiong calculations.

Any mathematical calculations can be done on the computer through excel and it will help in creating the charts and database.

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Difference between Application Generators and Application Languages

Application Packages : A suite of programs or modules i.e. directed at generic application and can be tailored to the needs of specific instance of that application

Application Languages : Languages which can be used to design an Application Packages is called the Application Language .

For example : C , C++ , ADA , FLEX , Euclid

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Components of Communication System

The components of communication system are:

Source : This device generates the data to be transmitted.

For example : Phones and Personal computers.

Transmitter : A transmitter transforms and encodes the Information such a way to produce electromagnetic signals that can be transmitted across of transmission system.

Transmission System : This can be a single transmission line or a complex network connecting source and destination.

Receiver : The receiver accepts the signal from the transmission system and converts it into a form that can be handled by destination device .

For example : A modem will accept an analog signal coming from a network or transmission line and convert it into a digital bit stream .

Destination : Takes the incoming data from the receiver.

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Difference between Coaxial cable and Optical fiber

Coaxial cable

Optical Fiber

1. Data rate in Mbps relatively

low in comparison of

Optical Fiber .

2. High attenuation

3. Transmission through electro magnetic waves .

4. Possibility of cross talk .

5. Best suited for Cable distribution and large LAN’s .

1. Data rate in Gbps .

2. Low Attenuation .

3. Transmission through Light Pulse .

4. No Possibility of cross talk.

5. best suited for LANs where

high quality of facilities are

required .

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Difference between Analog signal and Digital signal

Analog signal

Digital signal

1. Analog signal is a continuous electromagnetic waves that may be propagated in a media depending on frequency.

2. For example : Copper wire media, such as Twisted pair and Coaxial cable, Fiber optic cable and atmosphere or space propagation ( wireless ).

3. Analog data can be represented by digital signals .

4. Analog data are encoded to occupy a different portion of spectrum .

1. Digital signal is a sequence of voltage pulses that may be transmitted over copper wire medium.

2. For example : A constant positive voltage level may represent binary 1 and a constant negative voltage level may represent binary 0 .

3. Digital data can be represented directly, in binary form, by two voltage levels.

4. Analog data are encoded using a codec to produce a digital bit stream.

Analog signal converted into Digital signal : Analog signal is converted into Digital signal by either of two methods:

  1. PCM ( Pulse code Modulation )

  2. Delta Modulation ( DM )

PCM is based on Sampling theorem whereas DM is binary behavior .

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Difference between LAN , MAN , WAN




1. LAN stands for Local Area Network.

2. Used Guided Media

3. A communication network linking a number of stations in same local area.

4. LAN generally provides a high-speed 100 Kbps to 100 Mbps.

1. MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network.

2. Use may be Guided or may be Unguided media.

3. This network shares the characteristics of packet broadcasting networks.

4. A MAN is optimized for a large geographical area than LAN.

1. WAN stands for Wide Area Network.

2. Used Unguided media.

3. A communication network distinguished from a Local Area Network.

4. Its long distance communications, which may or may not be provided by public packet network.

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Network Topologies

The common topologies are Bus, Tree, Ring, and Star.

1. Bus topology : Bus are characterized by the use of a multi-point medium. In Bus, all stations attach through hardware interfacing known as Tap directly to a linear transmission medium or bus.

Full duplex operation between the station and the tap allows the data to be transmitted onto the bus and received from bus .

Advantage is that Low installation cost and Disadvantage is that If cable break-down all the network will be down .

2. Tree topology: The tree topology is a generalization of Bus topology . The Tree layout begins at a point known as the Headend, where one or more cables start and each of these may have branches.

Advantage is that faster data rate and Disadvantage is that High Installation rate.

3. Ring topology : The network consist of a set of repeaters joined by point-to-point. The repeater is a device of receiving data on one link and transmitting them, bit by bit on other link as fast as they are received.

The links are unidirectional i.e. data are transmitted in one direction only. Data circulates around the ring in one direction .

Advantage is that Low communication cost and Disadvantage is that If Ring is break-up then whole Ring is Divided into two parts .

4. Star topology : In Star topology, each station is directly connected to a central node, referred to as the star coupler, via two point-to-point links, one for transmission in each direction .

The central node to act as a frame switching device. An incoming frame is buffered in the node and then retransmited on an outgoing link to the destination station.

Advantage is that No installation cost with unshielded twisted pair and Disadvantage is that If two devices transmit it the same time, there will be a collision.

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